Top 5 Concerns Students Have While Writing Assignments

Joining college for any course at any age can be a challenge for any student. The workloads get heavier in college and the writing assignments get harder. Students in colleges are expected to communicate the ideas they feel through constructed assignments or papers. Whether they are traditional or online, writing in clear language and succinctly, are the main core of the studies in college. But many students do not come prepared in college and therefore they face issues in writing assignments. Students that struggle with this issue are often not aware of the influence of such issues until they receive feedback from the instructor. However, students can refine the skills of writing through practice and self-assessment.

  1. Lack of writing Knowledge:This is a very common issue that instructors generally come across while teaching undergraduate college students and determines this as a common issue. However, this is not an insurmountable issue and can be addressed by the instructors. The approach of college should be to refer the students to writing centers and offering them supplement resources, which they can access on their own. For instance, a helpline resource can be sponsored by the college for offering assignment help
  2. Social networking has been influencing writing standards: Communication with the help of networking websites has affected the habits of the writing of the users who are regular internet users. One issue faced by students in writing assignments, is that students start writing assignments in SMS language. The SMS language used by students on social media is very precise and is actually understood by people of their type only and this is where the quality of the assignment degrades. When students initiate writing assignments they just do not receive instant gratification, in fact, they receive constructive criticism from the instructors which may be critical for accepting at first. Writing any type of assignment comes from professional writing. So students should keep away from the informal styles like SMS language, short form language etc.
  3. Students fail in organizing what they wish to write:Thinking about the thesis and then writing an outline of what has been thought about is difficult. Does the outline reveal any unnecessary digression where paragraphs are to rearranged, is one important question. Students fail in drafting the written assignments the way they think because they are not aware of the standards of assignment writing and in fact, they even lack the confidence in writing.
  4. Saturation point:Many times students generally get conscious about their writing assignment and because of that, they start reading piles of books, which one can easily fetch from the library. Such type of a story is the same for each and every student as they have a lot of reading material to study from, apart from the usual books. Sometimes students start reading materials with the hope of finishing the draft of assignments on time but they usually forget that such reading might not be helpful for them while writing, as they might forget the content in confusion. It should be noted that only effective note drafting methodology can put an end to the issue.
  5. Leaving drafting for the last minute:5. Students generally read lots of entire books and articles and they convince themselves that everything is there in their mind and they will draft the written assignment later. This overconfidence leads to mismanagement of the assignment. Generally, the notes remain untouched until the last dates are given to students and this is when the students get panicked and try to escape the situation. In the last moment, because of the time constraint and panic situation, students are tensed and they forget whatever they have read earlier regarding the topic of the assignment. There is a need for students to draft a timetable for them to get the assignment writing in a routine. Only by going through the reading material will not help in availing good results.

It is to be noted how good the English referencing skills are; if one is not thorough in subject knowledge, the assignment writing will not be able to fetch good marks. By following the suggested tips, one will be able to understand what factors are to be considered before writing any assignments. So it is essential for students to make sure that they come prepared in advance for writing assignments so that they are able to secure good grades in college.

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