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Haven’t we all come across various problems while arranging the numerical data for a research and derive a meaningful analysis from that data? Traditional methods of data analysis involve a lot of calculations and use of formulas and in addition to that, they also focus majorly upon theory. This makes the research report comprehensive and difficult to read and the readers might be unable to follow this much amount of theory, because we all can agree that reading theory leads to boredom and loss of interest in a subject. The calculations in the traditional methods are difficult to do and hence, with the advancement of technology, many types of software have been introduced. One such software is SPSS software which facilitates analysis of data and preparation of graphs and charts.

One of the most essential components of a research study is management of the data collected and its appropriate interpretation so as to reach an appropriate conclusion. SPSS helps us exactly with that. SPSS or Statistical Package for Social Sciences is a tool which is used by the researchers for undertaking research studies on social sciences. It is software which is usually used for the purpose of undertaking market research and survey and evaluating the data collected. It majorly helps in analyzing statistical data and performs complex calculations with utmost ease. Most of the researchers have been relying on SPSS for data analysis.

Major Users of SPSS

  • Market Researchers
  • Health Researchers
  • Marketing Organizations
  • Government Entities
  • Data Miners
  • Survey Companies
  • Education Researchers

Key Functions of SPSS

Four major programs are offered by SPSS to the researchers which satisfies their need to analyze complex data. These include the following:

  • Statistics Function- A numbers of basic statistical functions are provided by SPSS software such as cross tabulation and analysis of bivariate series to name a few.
  • Preparing Models- With the help of SPSS software, researchers can build models with the help of statistical procedures and also validate them.
  • Analysis of Text- This feature of SPSS helps a researcher to uncover insights of the responses given by respondents to the questions in an open ended survey.
  • Make Reports Visually Better-With the help of SPSS, a researcher can prepare density charts and graphs to make the report more presentable.

Apart from the above four major functions, other functions performed by SPSS include providing solutions for management of data that allows the researchers in selecting cases, reshaping file and create data that has been derived. In addition, it also allows data documentation which helps in storing metadata dictionary. This dictionary offers a centralized place for information related to data. This includes information like meaning, format, usage and relation with other data. However, students who have no experience in using SPSS tool feel stressed when asked to submit the SPSS analysis assignment by the professors. In such cases, our legit writers can help you with any kind of SPSS assignment. Each of our writers have years if experience in using SPSS analysis tool for data analysis and hence forth, they assure most optimum solution for your SPSS analysis assignment in minimum time.

Statistical methods that can be performed in SPSS

  • Various statistical methodologies such as cross tabulations and frequencies can be performed in SPSS.
  • Methodologies that are a part of Bivariate Analysis such as non parametric tests and ANOVA (called as Analysis of Variance).
  • Correlation Analysis which is one of the most used methods in Statistics for studying the relationship between two variables which can be measured numerically.
  • Linear Regression which is a form of predictive analysis which estimates the relation between one or more variables that are independent and a dependent variable.
  • Identification and prediction for group methodologies such as factor analysis. Factor analysis includes grouping of variables which are same into dimensions. It is basically used for data simplification.
  • Power Analysis which is the ability to identify major differences in case where a real difference exists.

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Easy tips for using SPSS for data analysis in assignments

  • One must have SPSS software which can either be purchased or downloaded from internet.
  • Visit various tutorials for gaining knowledge about how it operates.
  • Take help from experts who use this software.
  • Data collection must be well organized as the data which will be used for the purpose of feeding the same in SPSS must be reliable and organized.
  • The feeding of data must also be done with utmost care. This is because the results given by SPSS software will be based on the data you provide.

If taken care of the above mentioned points, the assignment will give reliable outcomes. However, if you face any issue related to using of software or completion of assignment, you can easily contact our experts in the field who would be glad to guide you in the assignments related to SPSS software.

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