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Writing a persuasive essay is more or less similar to arguing a case at a court in the position of a lawyer. You are either pitching ‘for’ or ‘against’ a particular incident or topic under discussion. Writing a persuasive essay calls for sound logical and reasoning skills, as it must persuade a reader to have a certain point of view or persuade them to take a particular action. A persuasive essay must contain plentiful facts, evidence, quotes, and citation to support your viewpoint and convince the reader about the same.

Looking over to the intricacies involved in writing a persuasive essay, it seems to be a challenging task especially, when it needs to be submitted within a given timeline. Students often get entangled in daily chores of life with routine lectures and seminars to attend and find it difficult to take out time to write an effective persuasive essay based on strong evidence. This often leads to added stress and burden, for which, students seek help from experts in persuasive essay writing.

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Persuasive essay writing topics:

Persuasive essay and argumentative essay share a great deal of resemblance as in both the case, an argument is presented either ’for’ or ‘against’ a particular topic. Choosing the most current and important topic for a persuasive essay is the first and vital step for ensuring excellent persuasive writing. Our experts believe the topic chosen for writing a persuasive essay must be contemporary and must be of importance for society as a whole. The expert writers at MyEssayAssignment provide assistance to students who fail to select the most impressive persuasive essay topic. We have uploaded the list of 100 best persuasive essay topics, and the list is updated periodically to ensure only current topics are made available to the students. Having a helping hand at each level of writing a persuasive essay is just like icing on the cake and our experts offer round the clock support to help you in your academic success.

How to write persuasive essay? Tips from Experts:

MyEssayAssignment writers have enlisted a three-step process for writing a persuasive essay to score excellent marks. It is one of the best approaches to learn how to write the most impressive persuasive essay to submit in schools and colleges.

  1. Taking notes/Preparation for the persuasive essay
    1. Choose the relevant topic
    2. Choose a position- ‘for’ or ‘against’ a particular topic
    3. Understand the audience
    4. Undertake a thorough research
    5. Collect the most reasonable evidence, facts, and examples
  2. Persuasive essay outline
    1. Introduction
      1. Provide a hook that captures the interest of the reader
      2. Give background about the topic
      3. Provide a thesis statement
      1. Body
        1. Provide evidence or facts in each paragraph
        2. Offer plentiful information to support your point
      1. Opposing view
        1. Brief the opposing view and thereby refute the same based on facts and evidence collected by you
      1. Conclusion
        1. Reinforce and restate the thesis to persuade the reader to hold a certain point of view or take a particular action.
  3. Draft and revise the entire persuasive essay
    1. Check whether the facts, evidence, and examples quoted validates your points
    2. Whether the essay opens with a ‘hook’, to attract the audience
    3. Whether each paragraph is supported by full-fledged evidence to support your viewpoint
    4. Is the sentence structure valid?
    5. Is the essay free from plagiarism?
    6. Check the spell or grammatical errors throughout the document
    7. Does the concluding paragraph direct the entire essay in the same direction?

Thus, through following the comprehensive list of steps, our writers ensure delivering the highest quality of persuasive essay for helping you score excellent grades.

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