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Supply Chain Management Assignment Help

Supply Chain Management Assignment Help from expert writers:


Supply chain management is an integral aspect in governing the success of any business organization. As the name suggest it deals with procurement of raw material, inventory work-process and distribution of finished goods from the point- of- production to point- of- consumption. It is a link of interrelated networks that work towards enabling an effective supply chain.

With the increasing trend in globalization, the importance of supply chain has become multifold and the success of a business organization depends on the efficiency of supply chain to a great extent. While framing the supply chain management assignments, one need to pay considerable attention to three major interlinked components that are network structure, business processes and management. Often students pursuing academic credentials in management lack in-depth know-how of business operations, structures and technologies, which leave them confused and incapable in designing impressive supply chain management solutions. MyEssayAssignment is one such online academic writing service provider worldwide, that have intelligently pooled a special team of PhD writers having excellent command over various topics of management, to provide supply chain management assignment help to students to help them secure excellent grades.

Parameters defined by Expert team for designing Supply Chain Network:

MyEssayAssignment writers while framing supply chain management essays focus on following three parameters for designing the supply chain. The fundamental activities include:

  • Strategic: Under the strategic network optimization, components like size and location of warehousing facility, selection of suppliers and distributors, distributions centers and logistic facilities are included. It is quintessential to create long-term partnership with right suppliers and distributors backed by effective flow of communication and feedback for ensuring leaner supply chain network. The decision pertaining to outsourcing or manufacturing is included under this head and in addition to it, analysis of supply strategy is done in order to ensure that it aligns with the organizational strategy
  • Tactical: Under this head, the expert team of writers while writing supply chain management assignments precisely drafts decision pertaining to selection of suppliers, outsourcing v/s manufacturing, selection of most cost-effective logistic option, implementation of theories to match with the benchmarked standards. In addition to that, brain-storming session for finding the most innovative and attractive marketing strategies is also done backed with technological advancement.
  • Operational activities: Under the operational activities, sourcing and planning of material, Forecasting of demand for the product in the market, setting production and distribution settings, Inbound operations along with quality control measures and warehousing management falls under this head.

Thus, it can be said, the main aim of supply chain management is to deliver right product at right time in right quantity in order to generate profit and high level of customer satisfaction. A leaner supply chain management ensures minimal lead time resulting in maximum customer satisfaction.


Components of the Supply Chain:


Within a supply chain, there are several different components that together lay the foundation of effective supply china. The expert team of writers having academic credentials in management filed takes note of each of these components in an effective manner and delivers high quality supply chain management assignment help to students from various nations across the world.

Some of the major components within the supply chain include:

In addition to the above mentioned components, supply chain risk management is yet another aspect, which needs proper consideration in order to ensure effective lean and smooth supply chain operations within any business.

Supply Chain Business process Integration:


The establishment of a successful supply chain demands for integration of several different functions within a business organization to ensure effective flow of information at different levels along with resource sharing. For example, a marketing department makes analysis of the demands of the customers along with changing trends and communicates the same to the distributors and retailers to get the things sailing forward. The purchasing department within the same organization places the checklist of requirements based on the analyzed data from marketing department. Thus, the only way to an effective and successful SCM is to integrate important supply chain process. According to Lambert, the key supply chain process includes following:

  • Customer service management
  • Procurement department
  • Customer relationship management
  • Physical Distribution
  • Warehouse management
  • Performance measurement:

Why students need help in forming supply chain management essays?


As discussed above, supply chain management is an interlinked network of various business functions to ensure delivery of quality products and good to the end user. It requires considering major strategic planning, outsourcing, resource planning, logistics scheduling and much more complexities, which calls for deeper understanding of each of the business processes.

Under such scenario, developing a high quality supply chain assignment by students alone is quite time consuming activity. Under the lack of resource and time, students often seek for online assignment writing help from reputable and trustworthy assignment writing service providers like ours, to not only submit the assignments on time and secure good grades but also to gain clear understanding about the subject through reviewing our supply chain assignment pdf’s and supply chain assignment sample essays.

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