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Research Proposal Writing

Research Proposal Writing Help:

While pursuing your doctoral degree, PhD thesis is a vital aspect that defines the completion of your doctoral degree. Based on the relevancy and worthiness of your research thesis, your future opportunities are governed and henceforth, a deep-rooted PhD thesis that endows light on a topic of relevance holds great importance. This makes it worth seeking help from expert PhD writers who have years of experience in writing down PhD research thesis and personally understand the importance of such thesis in life of scholars pursuing doctoral degrees.

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What is Research proposal writing?


The first and foremost step towards an excellent research thesis is research proposal writing. It is a coherent and precise summary of your proposed research. It underlines the central idea or issues you wish to address through your research work. It sets out the general field of your research work, outlining the existing scholarly literature any current debate centered over your research topic. In addition, a research proposal also outlines the validity and reliability of your proposed research.

According to our legitimate PhD writers, a research proposal must underline the following elements:

  • Underline a clear topic, question that you intend to answer
  • Highlight the importance of the topic
  • Underline how it adds or develops the existing scholarly literature pertaining to your research topic
  • Give brief on why you must undertake research on the chosen topic
  • Outline the originality and validity of your proposed research work.

Writing Research proposal for PhD?


The question arises, what is the need to write a research proposal?

There are two major reasons behind the same:

  1. Research proposals are used by the potential supervisors, funders, professors to assess the quality of knowledge possessed by students in their major subject, along with analyzing the critical thinking skills and feasibility of the research project.
  2. The second major reason behind writing the research proposal for PhD is to help students identify their area of expertise and the subsequent knowledge about the existing literature. It is golden opportunity to showcase your passion in a subject area and present a persuasive argument about what your project can accomplish.

Writing and Structuring the Research proposal for PhD:


The research proposals alike all other academic assignments begin in the same way throughout most social science disciplines. The length of the research proposals may vary between ten and twenty-five pages. However, prior to writing the proposal, it is advisable to read the assignment carefully and make the note of all specific requirements and guidelines laid by your professors for organizing and writing the proposal.

A good start to begin writing the Research proposal is to ask a series of questions to you:

  • What do I want to study?
  • Why is the topic chosen relevant?
  • How is it significant within the subject areas that are covered in my class?
  • What problems/issue it will address/resolve?
  • How does it add or develop the research already conducted on the topic?
  • What exactly should I do at first, conduct a mind mapping to attain the outcome within the stated timeframe?

In general, an impressive research proposal should document your subject matter knowledge of the topic and underline your passion for conducting the study.

What should a Research Proposal include?

  1. Introduction


A research proposal must begin with a steadfast introductory section that catches the interest of readers to go through your entire research work. It must underline what you want to do, your passion and commitment towards your work along with throwing lighting on the significance of research topic and of course the reliability of the proposed research.

In simple terms, consider your introduction as a narrative that succinctly answers the following questions:

  1. What is the major research problem?
  2. What is the topic of study to address the chosen problem?
  3. What methodology would be employed to analyze the research problem?
  1. What is the significance of the research, its implication and why should a reader consider the outcomes of the proposed research?
  1. Background and Significance

In certain cases, the writers merge this section with the introduction part and omit creating a separate section for it. However, if included, this section must not just dwell with the surface knowledge pertaining to the research topic rather it must include the goals and relevancy of your research work.


  • Literature Review

In line with the background and significance of your research topic, this section must include a deliberate review and analysis of the existing scholarly literature that are in one or the other way connected to the research problem under study.

The “five C’s” of writing a literature review as given by our experts writers include:

  1. Cite
  2. Compare 
  3.  Contrast 
  4.  Critique 
  5.  Connect 


  1. Research Design and Methods


This is an important section within the entire research, as it entrust confidence among the readers regarding the research you have proposed. In this section, describe the research design include all research tools and techniques adopted, elaborate on research method chosen and state the reason behind the selection, identify the instrument used, state the validity and reliability of data generated and make a mention about the scope and limitation of your research work

  1. Conclusion

This section of the research work reiterates significance of your proposal and outlines a brief summary of the entire study.

VII. Citations

Research proposal similar to any kind of scholarly research paper, must cite the sources used in composing the proposal.

With each of this section holding their own relevance and adding to the comprehensiveness of your research proposal, there is a need for strenuous efforts in writing an effective research proposal. The PhD expert writers at MyEssayAssignment can simplify your task by offering you all kinds of research proposal outline help that stays true to the guidelines and regulations provided by your universities.

Can I Get PhD research proposal samples from MyEssayAssignment?


Yes, of course you can get the sample. The team of writers specialized in PhD research thesis writing services are highly qualified and certified writers that can help you with research proposal at all phases. For gaining a know-how of how our writers have helped the clients in past with research proposal writing, we have posted few samples for your review, to help you gain a blueprint of the online writing service we provide. Additionally, the samples of research proposal are intended to enlighten you about the structured approach to writing an excellent research proposal.

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