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Human Resource Management (HRM) means to enhance the performance of the employees to the highest, in accordance with their job responsibilities within the organization. It is all about procuring services of people, improving their abilities and skills, encouraging them, and ensuring that they will persistently maintain their commitment towards their respective organizations. Briefly, HRM is to manage the employees of an organization from recruitment till retirement.

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However, there are various functions of HRM such as hiring, performance measurement, safety, compensation and benefits, motivation, training and such others, here is a list of a few roles and responsibilities carried out by the HRM;

  • Recruitment and Selection- Recruitment means to screen and select potential and qualified candidates on the basis of objective criteria for a particular job. However, before starting this process of recruitment, the organization needs to execute proper staffing plans so that the required number of employees could l be hired and not above or below that number. Both recruitment and selection processes are essential for an organization because when it is effective, the costs incurred due to mistakes such as recruiting  incompetent, underqualified or less dedicated employees can be reduced. It is HRM that brings value to the organization by managing these processes as through recruitment and selection, the organization gets an opportunity to identify strong and weak employees and consider them accordingly.
  • Workforce planning- It is the responsibility of the HR team to conduct discussions related to workforce planning and to consider what skills are required within the employees.
  • Orientation- On the basis of workforce planning, employee orientation programs are organized by the HRM, which should include the goals and objectives of the organization along with ways to suggest how  employees can contribute to the achievement of short  and long term goals. The orientation is considered to be a significant step taken by the HRM in order to help the new employees adapt to the new environment of the workplace. It helps the employees get accustomed with few specific aspects related to their new job such as salary, benefits, rules and regulations, working hours and such others.
  • Training and development- The HRM holds the indispensable functions of training and development of employees. It is considered as a crucial attempt to enhance the existing as well as future performance of the employees by increasing their abilities through education and developing the skills required specifically by the employees of various departments. By this way, HRM transforms the employees from good to excellent performers and from competent to indispensable ones.

The responsibilities of HRM are changing with each passing day to keep pace with the changing business world. The students pursuing HRM as a subject are required to remain updated with recent developments in this area in order to manage the human resource assignments and homework efficiently.

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